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Azithromycin 250 mg

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Azithromycin Buy Online

Azithromycin is a type of medicine, which is used to treat bacterial infections in human. This drug is a semisynthetic macrolide antibiotic medicine that is used to treat mild to severe bacterial infections. This drug is effective in curing ear, throat and certain intestinal infections. Like other macrolide antibiotics, Azithromycin is bacteriostatic against gram-positive bacteria, which includes many strands of staphylococci, clostridia and streptococci. It has been found that is rare instances; Azithromycin has been linked to acute liver injury. Nowadays azithromycin is available online. You can buy azithromycin online at meds-easy.com, which is a certified and trusted online medical store. You can buy Azithromycin online today from Meds Easy

Azithromycin prevents the bacteria to carry out some essential functions, which are necessary for the survival and reproduction of the bacteria. This drug stops protein production in the bacteria that is required for the growth and replication of the bacteria. This is how azithromycin stops bacteria to spread infection, and our immune system neutralises remaining bacteria.


    It is recommended to take azithromycin according to the doctors’ prescription. You should not take this medicine in a larger or smaller quantity, as this may affect your health negatively. The duration of the treatment could differ according to the type and seriousness of the infection; that’s why do not take this medicine longer than recommended.

Azithromycin can be consumed with or without food. This medicine is orally in a solid form, but you should consume Zmax extended release liquid orally on an empty stomach, such as at least 1 hour before a meal or 2 hours after a meal.

Azithromycin (antibiotics) shows a great result when regularly consumed at a constant time for the prescribed duration. You have to continue to consume this medicine until prescribed dose finishes. Otherwise, bacteria may regrow and re-establish the infection.  If you miss a dose, the immediately take the missed dose as soon as you remember it. However, if your next scheduled dose is soon enough then avoid the missed dose.


    Some patient experience negative health problem after taking this drug, this is why it is recommended to consult a doctor and tell the doctor about your previous medical history before you take azithromycin. You should not consume azithromycin if you have any of the following measures: liver or kidney disease, abnormal heart rate, a long history of myasthenia gravis, any allergic reaction, jaundice or liver injury after consumption of this drug. It has not been found if the drug affects pregnancy, but you should tell your doctor about it. It is not recommended to give this medicine to children under six months old.

Do not consume azithromycin along with antacid containing aluminium and magnesium, you should wait at least 2 hours.


Side Effects

    There are few mild to severe side effects of azithromycin; however, severe side effects are rare. The most common mild side effects include a headache, diarrhoea, nausea, stomach pain, vomiting. Consult a physician if you experience any allergic reactions like heavy breathing, hives, swelling of lips, throat, tongue and face, after consuming this drug.

Stop taking azithromycin and immediately rush to the doctor if you experience any of the following symptoms: upper stomach pain, loss of appetite, itching, nausea, tired feeling, clay-coloured stools, dark urine, jaundice, sore throat, burning in your eyes, fever, swelling in your face or tongue, severe skin rashes, blister, watery and/or bloody diarrhoea, dizziness, irregular heartbeats, headache and chest pain.

This not a complete list of side effects. You should check with your physician if you have any other symptoms. It is recommended to consult a doctor before you buy Azithromycin online, to avail the goodness of this medicine, avoiding any unwanted side effect.

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